Media accreditation applications are being accepted for the following tournaments:

ATP Cup 2020 (3 to 12 January 2020)
Brisbane (Pat Rafter Arena)
Perth (RAC Arena)
Sydney (Ken Rosewall Arena)

Media who are granted accreditation for Australian Open 2020 and who apply for the tournaments above will be automatically approved.

For those media wishing to travel between the ATP Cup host cities accreditation allows you to access all venues. Please indicate your travel plans for planning purposes.

To submit an application please click here.

The deadline for submitting applications and supporting documents is Friday 13 December 2019.

When submitting your application please note the following:

  • Applications must be accompanied by a letter of endorsement from the organisation you are representing at the ATP Cup and / or Brisbane International and signed by senior management acknowledging your representation. This letter must be on original company letterhead - email correspondence is NOT accepted. Freelance media must include a letter of endorsement from the organisation intending to publish your work. Details are contained in the application forms. Freelance media without an endorsement will NOT be considered.
  • The required letter of endorsement and headshot may be uploaded as part of the application submission process.
  • Media who have not applied for accreditation for Australian Open 2020 must provide one colour, passport-sized photograph with their application. Photos should be no more than two years old. If not uploaded during the application process, digital photos will be accepted via [email protected]

Media may also order in advance specific IT services as required via [email protected] Free wireless connection will be available within media work areas across all venues.

Applicants will receive an email notification upon submitting their completed application. If an automated confirmation email is not received when the application has been submitted please let us know. Accreditation confirmations as to whether or not your application has been successful will then be sent in due course.

This application system does not apply to Television Broadcasters. ATP Cup and the Brisbane International will liaise directly with Broadcasters regarding their accreditation.